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Lessons from Robben Island

Posted on: Saturday, September 18, 2010

According to many reports recently surfaced, Nelson Mandela was livid upon learning that Tony Blair would join the U.S. in the Operation Iraqi Freedom one of whose goals was the deposition of Saddam Hussein.

Now, Saddam was a brutal oppressor, responsible for the deaths and other types of destruction of lives of millions of people. He was a the head of a minority regime repressing the majority population. Shouldn't that sound familiar to Mandela? I wonder if he would have been equally enraged if Reagan and Thatcher had decided to effect a regime change in old South Africa while he was rotting in prison. Hypocrite.

This proves yet again that stupidity is not just the preserve of the lesser mortals, but that eminent individuals, too, can evince traits of dumbassness. Actually, Mandela's compatriot and comrade, Desmond Tutu, is another perfect example.

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