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Hava nagila!!!

Posted on: Friday, February 11, 2011

I had an acquaintance of mine aver today that "they will end up regretting it."

Well,I don't think America ended up "regretting it" when it fought off the yoke of British tyranny. Nor did France for having overthrown the despicable monarchy. Nor did "East" Germans. Nor did hundreds of other nations and peoples the world over who just wanted to be free.

Sure, what comes after a revolution is often--though not always--worse than or the same as what there was before it (q.v. Iran or dozens of African nations). But you have to start somewhere. Democracy, liberty, equality, and the rule of law usually have to evolve. Newly freed people have to reach the maturity required to have a genuinely democratic system.

Congratulations to the people of Egypt and I hope their time "growing up" is quick and painless.


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