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Aza and Levanon

Posted on: Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shalom rav l'kulam. Thanks for all your emails, concern and kind wishes. Yes, I'm fine, having a great time and savoring wonderful experiences. Deciding to leave Europe is turning out to have been the single best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I will resume posting here in a couple of months' time, staring with a precis on the future of the Middle East, aided by a unique perspective, which the past several months have afforded me.

Security considerations notwithstanding, I have to comment on the newest developments in haaretz. My homeland is at war, it's as simple as that. This is not a skirmish or incident(s) but a war. And this war MUST and WILL be won.

To summarize: Israel withdrew from Aza in August, ult. The withdrawal was total: every last millimeter of occupied Aza was transferred to the control of the Palestinians, including Aza's border with third countries (scilicet, Egypt). Israel even left behind tens of greenhouses in the hope they would be utilized by the Palestinians as a stepping stone to providing jobs, fostering commerce... What was the Palestinian response? They destroyed the greenhouses. They instigated, literally, daily rocket attacks on schools, hospitals and other "targets" inside the State of Israel. Then they executed an attack on an Israeli Army post, which was not in Aza or anywhere near Aza. They murdered two soldiers(HY"D) and kidnapped a third, who had not been and were not serving in or anywhere near Aza. It was the straw that broke the camel's back: Israel decided it had had enough and launched a military operation in Aza.

And the world said: IT'S ISRAEL'S FAULT.

Six years ago Israel withdrew from Lebanon. The withdrawal was total: every last millimeter of occupied Levanon was vacated. Then last year Syria, too, withdrew from Lebanon. Lebanon was charged with implementing UNSCR 1559, which called on it to assert its sovereignty over all of its territory and disarm non-regular militia groups (read: Khizbolah). They didn't and they didn't. Throughout the six years Khizbolah intermittently opened up the northern front by firing at Tzaha"l border posts or rocketing selected northern towns and cities. Less than two weeks ago Lebanon was experiencing the best tourist season in over twenty years. Ten days ago, however, Khizbolah--which forms part of the Lebanese government--decided to resist the occup... - uhm, resist something or other, by crossing Lebanon's international border into another country and executing there a hostile quasi-military operation in which several Israeli soldiers were killed(HY"D) and two kidnapped. And this was the straw that broke the Home Front camel's back: Israel decided it had had enough and launched a military operation in Lebanon.

And the world said: IT'S ISRAEL'S FAULT.

Well, here's a sincere, heartfelt and great big

to the world!

I DARE anyone to try to argue after all this that the conflict in the Middle East owes to Israel's occupation of the territories seized in the glorious Six-Day war. Shimon Peres encapsulated it thus: "They said 'land-for-peace.' We gave them land. They didn't give us peace." So, land is obviously not the problem.

The only country that has stood by us and not tried to whitewash terrorists' crimes has been the United States. They called a spade a spade: the Arab side attacked Israel unprovoked and Israel is defending itself. A friend in need is a friend indeed. And for that, I hereby declare my present and future support for the US, its President and its administration insofar as the international purview.

Have I gone right-wing? No. Other (previously) moderate people, however, may well have. If the Palestinian's, Arab's or Muslim's desire really is to end the occupation, then they are doing their level best to ensure that the occupation continues for much longer than necessary. Does anyone think there would be a majority in Israel in favor of the Hitkonsut after this shit? I still think Israel should withdraw from the sh'takhim. We should implement the Saudi plan with a few modifications. And the refugees and their descendants should be compensated. And Palestinians at makhsomim should be treated humanely and with dignity. But when they attack us from the territories, Levanon or elsewhere, as far as I care, drop a daisy-cutter on all of them and don't look back. If a thousand of them get killed, so be it. They fucking asked for it.

Am I angry? Does it show? Yes, I am. Furious. The Arabs have FAILED me. They have FAILED all of us who thought they could be talked to, negotiated with, reasoned with. They FAILED all of us who were convinced that, given the chance, they would eagerly build their economy, culture, society, commerce and lead normal lives. No, they have shown they're not interested in their welfare.

So neither should we be.

Lastly, a message to the world:

You think Israel with its precision military hardware is using "disproportionate force"? Are one hundred Katyushot daily launched at Israel's cities "proportionate"? Where should Israel direct its pinpoint missiles? Toward "military targets"? Where are these military targets? Hidden in civilian centers.

Israel doesn't target civilian populations. Khizbolah does.

Tell Khizbolah to wear uniforms and come out from behind civilians. Then the Canadians and Lebanese who don’t want to get bombed can figure out where not to be.

Am Yisrael Khai!!! The Jewish people live and will not be chased from our only homeland. We are not the same Jews that you, the world, kicked around for centuries.

G-d will bless us and deliver a decisive victory to our Tzaha"l.

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