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Frogs in Haiti

Posted on: Friday, January 22, 2010

So, the United States has been vituperated for "occupying" (or rather, "neocolonizing") Haiti. The French have led the chorus of disapprobation with Brazil and the usual suspects, such as Venezuela and Cuba, joining in with much gusto. Apparently, a French plane carrying humanitarian aid was refused landing permission at the ravaged Port-au-Prince airport and had to be diverted to the adjacent Dominican Republic.

I don't get it. The U.S. was the closest to the disaster zone and it had far more material and human resources and experience than any of the said whiners. In a sudden crisis it is imperative that a firm leadership is established without delay for prioritization, organization and channeling purposes. Was the U.S. supposed to waste a week setting up a multinational committee that would take three days to decide on anything? Should the hundreds of airplanes en route to Haiti have just landed when and where they pleased? Give me a break.

The U.S. was one of the first to respond with concrete and essential types of assistance. As, for that matter, was Israel with its state-of-the-art field hospitals and search-and-rescue teams. Both countries got pummeled by hypocrites conducting their "struggle" for "world justice" from the armchairs in front of their computers.

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