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Happy "Jerusalem Day"!! hehehe

Posted on: Friday, September 26, 2008

Tehran beasts demonstrate

This is an image depicting one of the many demonstrations that took place all over Iran today in honor of what they call the "Jerusalem Day." It was the usual orgy of odious tirades, vacuous slogans and idle fantasies, and all the usual suspects were there to remind us how Israel--having survived for 6,000 years against all odds--would be extirpated anon.

Anyway, the photo that piqued my interest. I cannot bring myself to stop staring at this inbred creature in the front row, the ass-that-passes-for-his-face distorted in blind rage, giving up his weekend afternoon to join a rally about a matter that in no way concerns him.

And I wonder: How is it that Iran, the home of the Persian people, one of the cradles of human civilization has turned into a land of savages...?

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Just a few comments...

Posted on: Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shalom everybody!

Yes, my online presence has been in something of a state of abeyance and that's because, to be totally honest, I can't be bothered with this. I've been traveling a lot, wheeling and dealing, spinning sh'qalim, and generally enjoying life.

A few items caught my attention in the past few days so let me proffer my--most caustic--reactions:
(1) A former prisoner of Guantanamo Bay has been bitching about what an iniquitous treatment he had had to endure there. He's even cashing in on his mawkish story by way of a book (memoirs?). As I was reading the two linked extracts I couldn't help wondering what the hell kind of treatment I'd be receiving at the hands of one of them. You think they'd let me have a Torah?

So, we shouldn't be like they, I hear you say. Sorry, that kind of argument doesn't wash with me anymore. If you're in a boxing ring, you play by the boxing rules; not by the rules of, say, chess. Does it vex me that we should be maltreating so bestially a human being who may be innocent? It does. But. Having spent the past few years in several Arab countries and having observed our adversaries in action, I cannot say I overly care. I'll pay perfunctory lipservice to the activism abjuring incidences of Guantanamo abuse but my principal sentiment will be "Hey, look at what they do to our prisoners."

(2) "Archbishop" Desmond Tutu of South Africa has averred that Israel may have committed a war crime when we shelled Beit Hanun in 2006. All the media picked up on the story and lapped it up. As a side-note, he added that the Palestinian assholes who were unremittingly pounding Israel with the qasamim may also be guilty and should be prosecuted. (Naturally, that part got the briefest of mentions in most media outlets, something the archbish would well have known would happen.) Apart from the fact that Tutu does not hold any credentials granting him authority to declaim on matters of ius in bello, what business is the matter of his? Here he is onanizing on 19 people killed in a single, inadvertent incident two years ago. Why doesn't he fuck off to, say, the Congo where over 1,000 people die every single day? Better yet, why doesn't he fuck off, period.

(3) More from our Avrahamic "cousins": Mickey Mouse must die, says Saudi Arabian cleric. I think the title says it all. And these are the people we're meant to be coexisting with. (And no, this is not some nutjob imam of a two-bit mosque in some poxy Nejd village; this is a senior figure of the Saudi establishment.) Freaking hell, if they want to kill a cartoon character, can you imagine what they would do to people these inbred morons consider to be "unclean"?! (That would include all non-Muslims and a fair amount of Muslims, too.) Remember this when you hear for the umpteenth time what a beautiful religion Islam is, a creed of peace. Puh-lease.

(4) Good news for the end. The Jewish genius that made the desert bloom scintillates again. This time we've invented "tree-homes." Basically, while the Muslim world is busy issuing fatwas against drawn mice on T.V. (don't forget: Tom & Jerry is a Zionist conspiracy!), we are continuously finding new ways to improve the lives of the entire humankind.

Here endeth my lesson for to-day.

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