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Bring out the violins...

Posted on: Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Daily Torygraph ran a lengthy article today about how "prince" William was saddened by the loss of a military comrade of his. Some Teabag toysoldier toots together with three--give or take a couple--of her buddies reportedly drove over a landmine and got themselves blown up. And oh, the lauds, commendations, eulogies and epitaphs that poured out on the Torygraph's site... Read it here. (AVISO: can also be utilized in lieu of potent laxative!)

Gee, someone pass me a tissue coz I done 'gin tuh crah!

O.K, ye say, ulay zeh 7ad miday! Well, I don't think so. Sure, it's heartbreaking to lose a loved one and I am certain the families--notwithstanding their foreknowledge of the risk involved, etc.--have lost their soul. But is this entire exercise not hypocritical and downright despicable? Has the Torygraph ever run a poignant expose on any of the literally tens of thousands of lives lost and hundreds of thousands of lives destroyed directly owing to the actions of the likes of the four exploded ones?

Tragic though as any instance of a life prematurely extinguished is, if the four had not gone into this phoney war to begin with, they'd now be biting chocolate bunnies' ears off.

So, spare us the drama.

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En passant...


So, the English navy "sailors" who had been caught by Iran trespassing its waters and subsequently released amid much commotion, posturing and politicking had a news conference at which they whinged about their supposed mistreatment at the hands of the Iranians.

Just a few points:
(1) If you enter a country's territory (including its waters) without due permission from its authorities--particularly if you are military personnel in full army gear and your country is at a state of heightened political tension with the other--, you can expect to be arrested, detained, interrogated, tried and very probably imprisoned before being deported... - if not indeed executed on charges of espionage.

Could one even begin to imagine what would happen if Iranian marines were to be caught in English territorial waters or, for that matter, anywhere outside the immediate propinquity of Iran?!

I'd say these "sailors" should be on their hands and knees thanking the Iranians and deity(ies) of their choice that they got off so lightly, instead of whinging like a bunch of female sexual organs.

(2) Ah, but they dispute they were ever IN Iranian territorial waters. En b'3ayah! I am certain we are all well aware of what Britain`s closest ally--the United States--does to its prisoners in places like Guantanamo and hundreds of secret interrogation centers the world over. And we also know that Britain takes a very active part in those activities, too. So, even if they were maltreated, this is but another example of the pot calling the kettle black.

(3) But were these toysoldiers really abused as they claim? Now, I am absolutely no fan of the Teh'ran Monkey but let's give credit where it's due! Iran frequently filmed the "sailors" and showed footage of them to the world. I can't speak for everyone, by my impression was that the men and woman in the footage did not look the slightest bit tortured or abused at any point. Perhaps a tad homesick but hey! don't do the crime if you can't do the time!

Why don`t the ghastly Teabags try selling their fairytales to someone else!

Here's something for you, you slimy limeys:

Sheqet, temblim!

and while at it:

Allez faire foutre!


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