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Yes, still alive...

Posted on: Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shalom samea7!

I am very much alive, thank you for your concern, everybody. I haven't written all this time for a number of reasons: (1) I am still in the Middle East, in a place that censors the Internet, I am here incognito and it would not be a good idea for anyone to figure out that M.L.S. is Locham Yisra'el. Geddit? (2) My disappointment with and cynicism vis-a-vis politics have reached depths never before attained. We just got a government in haAretz composed of sleazeballs, opportunists, racists, zealots, liars, losers, spineless cretins, all lacking wisdom, vision or scruples. The jerkoffs on the other side are not much better: The P.A. has all but imploded although it's pursuing whatever goals it has far more assiduously and prudently than Israel (q.v. the resoluteness with which the P.A. has been battling 7amas and other terrorists in the West Bank), talks with Syria have been mothballed, Lebanon is as big a mess as it's been for decades, if not worse still, Iran is a loose cannon and no-one seems to have the guts to deal with it (notwithstanding the various black ops being executed there regularly)... - not a pretty picture. (3) I don't have very much to say. There's plenty of news, to be sure, but I just can't be bothered. B'emet, I started this blog after I had undergone a profoundly challenging experience in my life, and then maintained it in a rather illogical but certainly petulant attempt to keep alive a channel of communication--even if one-sided--with a girl I loved inexorably at one time. (Don't ask me to explicate this: I don't think I could even if it served a purpose.) I suppose I had hoped she would continue visiting it and reading slivers of my boundless wisdom in her moments of weakness. Would she perhaps realize what/whom she had chosen to say goodbye to? (We didn’t fail because of another man!) Let's stick with that theme, shall we?

I left Europe back in, when was it?, spring of 2006. My first port of call was the Gulf, to wit, Oman. I had by then largely gotten over C. but my heart intermittently niggled at me and made me bethink myself of our times together, the what-ifs and all those other things that a sensible person invariably feels would best be forgotten for good. Shortly upon my arrival I met B. Those familiar with the story will immediately recognize her as my dear Omani princess. (And I do mean a princess: Hers is one of the top families in the Sultanate, with brothers and uncles who are Cabinet members, ambassadors, etc.) We spent the most magical, wondrous half year together, and then a few more months when we met in Europe and elsewhere. How and why it didn't work out is a long story, and quite irrelevant, too. Let us just say the episode cemented my loathing of religion and all it stands for, and yet endowed me with the knowledge that we, as human beings, can very much get along together. During and after our relationship I was replete with the peacemaking, "du-kiyum" fervor. Lamentably, it was not to be.

After Oman, I departed for a country where I stayed for two years, and which caused most of my convictions and, I would go as far as to say, values to change. Why? Simple. I got to know Arabs.

To be continued...

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