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The Monkey is at it again!

Posted on: Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shalom shalom everyone!

So, our old simian buddy, Mahmud, has been shooting off at the gob again. Yesterday he prophesied that "the filthy Zionist entity [...had] reached the end of the line" and that "it ha[d] lost its reason to be and [would] sooner or later fall." Such sentiments are no doubt shared by many around him, including Iran but also the Arab world (the latter having really been the principal target audience of this diatribe).

Now, Iran is not a happy place: Despite boasting immense national wealth, which could easily transform the place into a Bahrain or Dubai, it is a cesspit of penury, gas-rationing(!), inflation, communist-style loss-making behemoths, religious coercion, ethnic cleansing (q.v. al-Ahawaz region), etc. Never mind that though.

His verbal defecation came as no surprise. What IS astonishing, however, is that many lap it up. They are blissfully unaware of the fact that the "Zionist entity" is not some phantom regime ruling the roost from afar; rather, it's a country of seven million people who--unless ethnically cleansed by a vastly superior adversary--are not going anywhere. He further forgets that the Jewish nation is today more numerous and stronger is every way that ever before in our 6,000-year-long history.

Or IS he unaware of the foregoing? Sure enough, he is a simpleton, unversed in general knowledge, never mind the finesse of sociology, economics, diplomacy, science and so on. However, not even to him is the reality on the ground totally recondite. Why does he spout such nonsense, then? For the same reason his Arab counterparts and clergy do: He needs Israel.

I'd still like to bomb his ass to smithereens though.

As for me, yes, I'm still very much alive and enjoying the good life... - the VERY good life

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