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Peretz Shmeretz

Posted on: Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our sar habita7on and s'gan rosh hamemshalah said today that Israel must accept Saudi plan as the starting point for talks. I agree with that but what exactly has he, as the second most powerful member of the incumbent administration, done in the year he has held that position to advance this principle? In fact, what has he done to exert any influence on the incompetent, idle and corrupt Olmert to make moves toward resolving the situation in the Middle East?

Absolutely nothing.

For all the resolve he's been selling the media about how those ghastly illegal settlements needed to be evacuated, how the qasamim had to be dealt with sensibly or how Israel needed to negotiate with the all and sundry, in reality his only mission has been to hold on to his seat as tightly as he could--on a par with every other government member.

3amir Peretz has been a failure and no-one is buying his nonsense any more than we're buying Olmert's hollow pronouncements. Peretz is out; now is the time for the rest of them to go, too.

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Lubnan and al-Queda

Posted on: Thursday, May 24, 2007

So, now it's Lebanon's turn to (again) have problems with the Palestinians. It seems the perpetual refugees there got bored and set up yet another terrorist outfit--this one linked to both al-Queda and the Iranians--, which turned its crosshairs to the Lebanese establishment (how evocative of the events preceding Jordan's Black September!). The Lebanese, for once, showed some balls and decided to uproot the terrorist infrastructure (does that phrase remind you of anyone? Yep, it's how Dr. Sharon described the Jenin operation five years ago). And so, in the evocation to end all evocations, the Lebanese army launched a full-out indiscriminate assault on the refugee camp saturated with tens of thousands of civilians of whom dozens proceeded to be killed. What does THAT remind you of? That's right: S&S.

It seems the Palestinians can be expelled (q.v. Kuwait most recently, as well as Syria, Jordan and others a bit further back), discriminated against (pretty much every Arab country where they don't even have resident status), and massacred in refugee camps (QED) and outside (Jordan and Syria again), and few will give a hoot. But with one proviso.


See, "the world" gets its knickers in a twist about even the slightest infraction of the Palestinians' human rights when the same are directly or indirectly violated by Israel. I don't particularly have a problem with that because I believe everyone's human rights should always be respected. But that selfsame world demonstrates utter equanimity when it's someone else maltreating the Palestinians in ways worse than the most malevolent Israeli fascists would ever dream of doing. Even the likes of Baru7 Mamzer or whatever his name is "only" advocate ethnic cleansing by way of voluntary or otherwise population transfer. Not even he, the epitome of a racist Reich-wing religious shitforbrains, would dream of corralling a group of Palestinian civilians in a camp and shell the wit out of them. Yet, here are the Palestinians' "brothers," the Lebanese, doing precisely that and our hypersensitive world at best gives factual, balanced reports of what's going on or just ignores the whole imbroglio.


On the Home Front, the bored Palestinians of 3Aza, not having anything better to do and pining for the good old days of Israeli occupation, have been doing their best to invite Israel back into 3Aza by lobbing dozens of rockets a day across the border at S'derot. The denouement? Israel is now shelling 3Aza. The people are out of electric power, water or telephone. Oh, and al-Queda seems to have set its foothold in the area. Now, the Palestinians proved time and again that they are--with all due respect--incorrigible idiots. They missed countless opportunities to resolve their problems, both inside and outside of Israel and the territories; when faced with the choice of making a small compromise and attaining peace or continuing and exacerbating attrition (at which they had to lose by the ratio of about 98:2), they invariably chose the latter; when faced with the perfect opportunity to build a newly free portion of their country to be a heaven on earth, they chose to forgo inward investment, job creation, improvement of infrastructure, etc. and actually managed to aggravate their position and alienate those willing to help... And now, they are flirting with al-Queda.

WHY would anyone want to do that? Al-Queda are a bunch of losers. They've managed to stage a handful of high-profile terrorist attacks and they've killed a few thousand Americans. In response the Americans have demolished two rather large countries and caused the deaths of tens of thousands... - tens of thousands Arabs and/or Muslims, that is. If you had more brain cells than a doorknob, whom would you ally yourself with?

But hey! it's Palestinian logic we're talking about here so the question is not as simple as it appears.

And yes, not to forget: IT'S ALL ISRAEL'S FAULT!!!

Don't get me wrong: I'm really annoyed with Israel; deeply disappointed with our government and many of my compatriots; outraged by many aspects of the country, its establishment, institutions, etc. But (1) I loathe hypocrisy, and (2) I have no sympathy for people who don't want to help themselves. Much as Olmert and his bandit has disenchanted me, the Palestinians’ sheer imbecility has roiled me infinitely more.


One last word on al-Queda: the Americans say that Iraq is replete with its cells as well as with Iranian terrorists. Just one simple thought by way of riposte: THERE WERE NO AL-QUEDA CELLS OR IRANIAN TERRORISTS IN IRAQ BEFORE THE ILLEGAL INVASION OF 2003.

I'd like to say "I told you so" but what's the point? A country that, for all its ills, was stable and whose people lived relatively decently in many ways has been destroyed physically and mentally for at least two generations to come. Those who launched the egregious war will never be brought to justice in this world and they are still unrepentant. Big U.S. corporations are raping the country for all it has, which conjures up the images of the Britishers hauling off gold, diamonds and other commodities from India to their shitty island on huge boats leaving the place every single day for decades. And who's living better today: the Indians or Teabags? The same story is unraveling before our very eyes in Iraq. Instead of spending the rest of his life in prison, Blair is set to rake in millions of dollars by going on the lecture circuit in the States once he steps down as P.M.

At the same time, on average twenty Iraqis die like flies every single day.

Life is very cruel and unfair. I despise all human religions but all this flagrant iniquity makes me think there has to be a time and place where equilibrium is finally realized...

Oh yeah, more Brit-bashing is in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

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