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"Prince" Charles snubs Israel

Posted on: Friday, November 16, 2007

So, "prince" Chuck of England does not want to visit Israel in order not to give our image a "boost." Two questions:

(1) What the hell was Tzvi Hefetz thinking inviting this bozo to eretz haqodesh in the first place? The guy hasn't done a minute's honest work in his whole life and is nothing but a leech who hugs trees and fantasizes about being Camilla's tampon. And this clown would *enhance* Israel's standing!!?

(2) Haven't the Britishers done more than enough for (or should I say: to) Israel? Because of their colonialist callousness possibly millions of German Jews were gassed as they were barred from reaching the safety of the Palestinian Mandate, which was under the Teabags' control. As if that wasn't enough, following WW2, with the policy still in place, the English dogs arrested and interned or simply shot survivors of the natzi concentration camps. Having spent up to four years in death camps, hundreds of Shoah survivors languished three further years in British prisons in Cyprus or indeed in those same concentration camps (e.g. Luebeck) where they'd see their family and friends murdered by the natzim. And these are the subhumans we want visiting our country?!?

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