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Posted on: Thursday, March 30, 2006

In the words of a friend of mine upon hearing the election results:


Israel is set to go down the road devised by Gen. Dr. Arik. While our Bulldozer may now be out of action--and we still hope for a refuah shl'mah--the legacy he has bequeathed us is certain to influence and indeed bind Israel's rulers for decades to come. This election was Arik's election and it marked his and his alone unadulterated victory. All those who cast a vote for Qadimah voted for Dr. Sharon and his vision. This has been our Melekh's penultimate coup--the crowning glory will come when he leaves us for a better place: he will have left an indelible mark on the People and State for generations to come.

I am also thrilled that the multifarious reich-wingers and other assorted fascists--particularly what's left of haLikud--have been shown where to go. That despicable Booby Netanyahu--who is synonymous with sleaze, mendacity and opportunism--suffered a crushing and, many of us hope, final defeat. If he had any decency, he would put his tail between his legs and bugger off from the political scene... - perhaps to take up that Italian finance ministry job, with which story he regaled us some weeks ago (it has since emerged that "offer" had been a joke, which made Boobiyahu look like an even bigger dunce). But enough about the sleazeball.

We await with great alacrity the implementation of mar Olmert's Hitkonsut. The Nation has given him a clear and unequivocal mandate to execute this proposal and, if everything goes according to plan, the damn settlers will finally be sent packing. The occupation has become a liability and we derive absolutely no benefit from it. Terminating it has nothing to do with attaining peace or doing something for or because of the Palestinians. We have to do it for ourselves. It is not a question of showing weakness. How is it weakness to dictate the terms and establish realities on the ground vis-a-vis your impotent adversary? It is not appeasement. How could it be appeasement when we seek nothing and know we will gain nothing from the Palestinians in return for Convergence? Our strength is not to be measured by the size of our territory; only the most insecure and machoisticly obtuse militate otherwise. No occupation in the history of the world has been successfully carried out in perpetuity and there is perfectly no reason to believe this one would be either. We do not need the sh'takhim; we don't need the cost of them, the danger of them, the divisiveness of them. A handful of religious zealots cannot and will not hold Am Yisrael the world over hostage to their perverse religious fantasies. And these fantasies, really, is what it comes down to when assessing why the occupation is ongoing. They and the idiotic chauvinism of some who think that giving up the territories somehow emasculates their (and Israel's) manhood. It's too silly a notion for words. Thus, the occupation bears no merits in terms of security, law or any other more temporal and logical considerations.

As far as the Palestinians, they can go to hell. The Radical Center to which I belong, but also much of the so-called left-wing, no longer care about reaching a negotiated settlement with them. We don't care about peace or coexistence. We want to separate ourselves from them. Let us withdraw from among them, build the fence between us and let them do whatever they want on the other side. They had numerous chances to alter the realities of the Middle East conflict and they successfully blew each one of them. Now they are ruled by intransigent and fanatical freaks whose latest escapade transpired yesterday at the PA assembly. Following the swearing in of the Khamas "government," a member of the former arose, waved the Qur'an as if he was on crack and proceeded to exclaim: "The Qur'an is our constitution, Mohamad is our prophet, jihad is our path, and dying as martyrs for the sake of allah is our biggest wish." (The assemblymen greeted this with a thunderous ovation and cries of "Allahu akhbar.")

All I can say is: MAY YOUR WISH COME TRUE!!

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Posted on: Monday, March 27, 2006

The elections are upon us. The Israeli electorate goes to the polls tomorrow. The media have been flooded by all manner of editorials and contributions to the effect of how paramount these elections are; how they are a referendum on this or that; how they'll decide the future of haMedinah...

This site unreservedly endorses KADIMA and, without much ado, here is why.

Voting the Kadima ticket you vote for:
1-- Peace with the Palestinians; the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel will be closer to fruition.
2-- Social issues, health, and education will receive more emphasis.
3-- Equality between Jewish and Arab Israeli citizens will be prioritized. Affirmative action programs preventing discrimination of Arabs in the job market will assist this.
4-- The minimum wage will be raised to US$1000 a month net.
5-- On the religious front: recognition of pluralism in Judaism, such as the right of non-dati streams to exercise authority in family legal matters.



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