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Pass the popcorn please...

Posted on: Friday, June 15, 2007

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is it. After the conquest of 3Aza by the crazy 7amas it is clear than any and all chances of attaining a resolution to the conflict have been obliterated for the foreseeable future. The Palestinians have destroyed their future with their own hands. Though I am hardly one to be readily given to pessimism, with the Palestinians now basically split into two entities, each headed by a recalcitrant and bellicose gang, no-one in their right mind would want to accost them even with a hello, never mind enter into negotiations on a geopolitical settlement with them. We are, therefore, resigned to decades, if not centuries, of conflict. While to us it will be but a perpetuation of the pesky inconvenience of having to live under semi-war conditions, it is of course the Palestinians who will continue to suffer. Their living conditions and situation in general are now more precarious than at any time since 1948 and is liable to exacerbate even further. Naturally, the assorted Jew-haters around the world will find a way to objurgate Israel for this, too--because, don't you know, everyone is responsible for the Palestinians' unremitting anguish except the Palestinians themselves--but the hard truth is that now, possibly more than ever before, the Palestinians are the authors of their own anguish.

And speaking of Jew-haters, those meaning to boycott Israel in the so-called "united kingdom" believe that the only solution to the conflict is a single state. Well, we all saw how successfully that recipe worked in countries such as the U.S.S.R, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, U.A.R. and dozens of others... - and there you are talking about people who had a lot in common. In the case of Israel and the Palestinians we have two nations with diametrically opposite economic, societal, cultural, religious, linguistic, moral, historical and every other conceivable parameters. Not even a doorknob would be dumb enough to make a proposition to unite them but, then, those Teabags are so drunk and stoned that your average doorknob is a nuclear scientist compared to them.

Tell you what, you Limey imbecils: why don't you and, say, Iraq, Afghanistan or Nigeria join to form a single state, with one citizenship, institutions of power and freedom of movement? *thumbs-up* Five years later, if the experiment is deemed successful, we'll do the same with the Palestinians.

Fucking English shits.

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Multiculturalism and multicretinism

Posted on: Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Read an article on a young woman brutally murdered for daring to love the "wrong" man: The kiss of death. These people are fucking animals, purely and simply. It makes perfectly no difference what religion or ethnicity they are: parents who happily decide to murder two of their own children are subhuman. No amount of torture is good enough for them but I certainly hope they drop a soap-bar while taking a shower in prison. Such barbarism, such sadism, such warped values... I am beginning to think the right-wingers are correct--in principle if not substance--about not wanting the likes of these cockroaches among them.

On another notion, remember where Saddam got most of his weapons from? Here's a reminder:
Saddam v'Rumsfeld

Well, that strategy obviously worked so well that Bush and his brilliant commissars thought it would be a great idea to do it again. In Iraq. Again. And this time they are arming people far worse than Saddam ever was. How must those poor young G.Is have felt disbursing advanced weapons to people they KNEW would use those weapons to try to kill them in a matter of hours?

Does the stupidity of U.S. intelligence--THE single biggest misnomer in human history--know ANY bounds?!?

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It's good to talk...

Posted on: Monday, June 11, 2007

So, immigrants to Britain are told that they need to learn English and that official local government documents, fliersand other crap they churn out should not be translated into three dozen different languages at a huge expense.

Well, isn't that rich! These abhorrent Teabags traipse and settle their pasty asses all over the world, usually with a view to pilfering what their colonial forebears had left behind when they had to bugger off to their shitty island with their tail between their legs a half century ago. Prague, Dubai, Benidorm, Pataya and a thousand and one other places have been overrun by these pestilent limey hordes. But do you think THEY ever learn the locals' (or should that be: NATIVES') lingo? After years and even decades of tarrying there, their best effort is a wonrgly accented and mispronounced "hello." And not only that, but they have the effrontery to bitch about the "natives'" inimity and stupidity for not being able to English!

Really, if there's one nation on this planet, which makes me see red, it's the slimy limeys.

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Wey down't neeyd now eh-joo-ki-shun...

Posted on: Sunday, June 10, 2007

So, the "experts" are pushing for that crappy little island's pupils to be exempt from any and all kinds of testing until they reach the age of sixteen.

Lest you think whatever you last had for drink had something in it, let me repeat that: an "influential teaching body" *snort* is militating for "[a]ll national exams [to] be abolished for children under 16 because the stress caused by over-testing is poisoning attitudes towards education[.]"


That is just so plain STUPID that I am lost for words. Wallah! So, in lieu of assaying to demolish that unmitigated idiocy, let me relate to y'all my own education experience.

I spent many of my elementary and secondary education years in Croatia (some in Belgium and Germany but that's beside the point). We had anything from five subjects in first grade elementary to seventeen subjects in senior high. In every one of these subjects (except, of course, Physical Education) we were tested on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, by way of quizzes, dictations, tests, exams and yes--shock, horror!--oral exams. (Oral examination or, I should say, interrogation, was as important--if not even more so--as written assessment.) We were at school from 0730 until 1300 hours AND had at least four hours worth of homework DAILY.

This country--in common with most other central and eastern European entities--had neither any league tables nor divisions (e.g. public/private, grammart/comprehensive and all that mishegos). All elementary schools (ages 6-14) were the same and followed one syllabus. Some specialization options were available at the secondary education stage (at the age of 14/15) but the core ten-ish subjects were taught at every institution to the same curriculum. That is still the case. (Actually, Croatia is the only country in Europe, which is THINKING of making secondary education compulsory, and that says a lot... - more some other time.)

If you got an "F" in a subject at the end of the year, you'd repeat that grade, end of story. There is absolutely NO WAY for a person to finish elementary education without knowing quite a bit about Mozart, Shakespeare, Renoir, the economy of Japan, the history of Babylon, the theory of gravity and its accompanying formulae, the protozoa and the human digestive system, the formula outlining the creation of glucose, quadratic equations, two foreign languages, and tons of other things.

Britain has for a while now been a nation of morons and now they're letting these fuckwits make them more retarded still.

Joo knaw wo' ah mayn? LOL ("Internal" joke that...)

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Life is a horror movie


A grueling article in the Torygraph today: a former U.S. Army soldier who actively participated in the most horrific torture of--per his own admission--largely completely innocent people bears it all. As revolting as the description of some of the techniques used is his disclosure about whence and how those methods were acquired: the Soviets, select despotic regimes littering the planet and... - the natzim. Yes, the natzim. The bulwark of "democracy," “justice” and "liberty" is using NATZI techniques in its war for freedom.

One is left speechless.

Despite the vehement opprobrium I showered on the incumbent U.S. administration once it had launched its illegal and despicable aggression on the equally despicable Saddam regime, following the latter's overthrow I was rooting for the good guys. I figured: what's done is done, let's rebuild Iraq. Following revelations such as the foregoing, it is very difficult for me not to sense a (shameful) satisfaction when I learn of the death of an American or "coalition" footsoldier. Shameful I say because many of those men are really boys who've been brainwashed and/or had little economic choice other than to enlist (I know, I know: not the best of sources. Believe me, I don't like them either but the info is genuine). The most tragic thing in all this is that the bastards responsible for this bloodshed--the real culprits--will never face justice and will continue living a life of luxury until their very end. Yo think that ghastly crooked-mouth Cheney will even want for anything? And how many lives has he irredeemably destroyed...

BTW, what do we do about an increasingly recalcitrant Russia? Well, what was done the last time there was a country with (1) weapons of mass destruction (and this time they really DO exist), (2) capable of reaching certain entities in 45 minutes, and (3) headed by a ruthless dictator? Ya reckon the same thing's gonna happen this time round? Why not? Answers on an e-postcard please.

Shalom umvorakh...

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A closed ku klux...

Posted on: Saturday, June 09, 2007

The circle from being the victim of racism to being one has been closed: Jewish worshippers desecrate Muslim cemetery in West Bank.

These cretins must be expunged from the Israeli society and shipped off to wherever they came from. That this disgusting act should have happened under the auspices of Tzah"l makes it all the more disturbing.

UPDATE: A call has since been made for the Government to investigate this egregious act of vandalism and bring the perpetrators to justice as well as put safeguards in place to ensure it does not recur. Unfortunately, the call came from an Israeli Arab. Does this mean there is no Jew in Israel who is infuriated enough to want to kick those animals' asses straight to jail? Of course not. But it is disconcerting that the silent majority should remain as silent as ever.

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Yisra'el sheli 7ogeget!!

Posted on: Thursday, June 07, 2007

Two days ago was the anniversary of the glorious Six-Day War in which we routed three Arab armies (who were also being helped by four additional countries to varying degrees) in less than a week. I've selected two wonderful articles in honor of the occasion:

Legacy of 1967 Defeat Still Burns, and
40 years on, Israel remains a prisoner

And a lovely piece yet again exposing the world's hypocrisy: What if Israelis had abducted BBC man?

While vanquishing our enemies has over the forty years brought its negative ramifications to us, the effect on the Arab world seems to have been one of denial. The vast majority of Arabs are not obsessed with Israel or the conflict, but their hatred for Israel is latent at best and always visceral. This is true of people in southern Lebanon (whose anger at having had their land obliterated is, of course, misdirected) as it is of Arabs in places such as Bahrain who have never (knowingly) met a Jew, let alone are they in any way affected by this tiny state, my moledet. Their monstrous leaders (civil and religious) are still supremely successful at keeping the Arab's mind so preoccupied with this supposed blood adversary that she or he is blissfully unaware of those robbing, incarcerating and mistreating them blind at home. The only way that this conflict will ever have a chance of getting resolved is the democratization and, concomitantly, secularization of swaths of the Arab world. Naturally, since that is not in the interest of the ruling religious and temporal elites and since it is more likely that their overthrow would usher in the crazy jihadis, this will not happen any time soon.

As for us, despite all our ills, let us rejoice. Forty years ago, without anyone's help (remember, the U.S. was not aiding Israel in any way back then), we singlehandedly annihilated three armies many times bigger and stronger than ours. And in the intervening four decades, despite being a meager island in a sea of hostility, despite the island being almost entirely barren land, despite years of atritious terror attacks, despite SO many parameters stacked against us, we have grown ever mightier. We are today a state that can compete on an equal footing with and even outdo the most advanced countries in the world in terms of artistic, scientific, economic, agricultural, military, political and so many other achievements.

If I was religious, I would say that a higher force really has chosen us to be a special people in this world.

עוד אבינו חי - עם ישראל חי

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Posted on: Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lebanese soldiers have seized a truck full of 7izballah's weapons and other "freedom-fighting" equipment.

When will it dawn on the Lebanese that 7izballah is not their friend but their enemy?!? It does not fight for them or for Lebanon but for immoral and selfish interests of alien powers. Last year it caused the destruction of half the country by provoking a totally unnecessary war with Israel and now it is taking steps with the goal--as must be obvious to everyone--of doing so again sometime in the future.

I live in an Arab country, have an Arab girlfriend, love the Arab culture but sometimes the Arab stupidity and myopia astound me...

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Rue Britannia!

Posted on: Friday, June 01, 2007

Listen y'all! if there's one, just one, news article you read this decade, make it this one: Firemen carpeted for not sleeping in chairs. You will NOT regret it or your money back... - double!

"The fire service replaced all beds in its fire stations with the reclining chairs at a cost of £130,000 under a modernisation programme. The firemen were not allowed to use them until they had been given health and safety training on how to sit on them."


(Make sure to also check Disused school kept lit to protect intruders.)

What a bizarre people...

How these inbred cretins managed to occupy and administer a quarter of the world I will never understand.

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